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Our Story

In the beginning of 2020 my husband (Carlo Che) and I (Tere Terry) moved to St. Petersburg, FL from San Diego, CA. I had grand plans of discovering new yoga studios to teach out of and learn from. All those plans disappeared when we arrived, because at the same time Covid 19 caused the world to shut down. There were no studios to go and explore, no yoga community to join and become a part of.

In order to fill this need I decided to host classes on St. Pete Beach. I did not have any expectations, but to fill the desire inside me to bring yoga to others... and just like that, The Salty Yogis were born. By doing this I discovered that others had the same need for yoga and community as I did. The ability to come to the beach, be outside in a space that did not require a mask and practice yoga (socially distanced), created a collective energy that built and grew this beautiful community.


The Salty Yogis now has a new home on the Emerald Coast Fl, 30A at the Inlet Beach park. 

We  continue to grow and evolve and are so grateful for being able to teach yoga. Thank you everyone for your support!!



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