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Flow:  Join us for an energizing flow class on the beach! This class is intuitively planned to combine hatha, vinyasa and dynamic movement for a challenging yet refreshing practice. Each class will incorporate breathe work and poses that aid in flexibility, mobility and muscle building.  Accessible to all levels of yoga experience. 


A beautiful style of yoga that works deep into your fascia (your connective tissue, which is everything that supports your muscles, including your bones). Class is held, mostly on the floor, holding poses for longer periods of time. The focus is on breath and mind, letting the body slowly release tension and stress. You are welcome to bring any props to class, including; straps, blocks, blankets and bolsters. Straps are provided and used in this class. (All levels welcome, great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.)


HATHA (Slow Flow)

This class provides a balanced combination of yoga poses emphasizing proper alignment and breath work, while building strength and flexibility, deepening your knowledge of postures and benefits. Perfect for beginners and any yogi that likes to move slow and take their time in their practice. Some benefits you might experience in this class are maintaining a strong and healthy pelvic floor, increased mobility and strength, and more energy throughout the day. You might find yourself getting a better nights sleep and having less stress, since doing yoga and being outside reduces cortisol levels in the body. Yoga combined with sunshine can improved memory, reduce inflammation, strengthen the eyes and immune system. 


A relaxing and soothing practice blending  Hatha and restorative poses. Suitable for beginners and more advanced yogis. We will stretch and gently strengthen the muscles by combining slow flowing movements and longer held restorative poses to increase mobility and flexibility. 


Be ready to be challenged, move and sweat!! Each class is intelligently choreographed using dynamic movement and sequencing. This class starts slow, working up to greater intensity and speed. Balance and endurance are challenged as you work to strengthen your muscles and flexibility. Mindful movements, breath-work, and cardio are combined for a full body experience. (All levels welcome)

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